We manufacture fabric reinforced diaphragms, fabricate rubber to metal bonded components, grind the bonded seals to close tolerances, and mold all types of rubber parts to customer designs and specifications.
  1. Custom O-Rings
  2. Custom Molded
    Rubber Parts
  3. Constant Area (free loop) Diaphragms
  4. Variable Area (free loop) Diaphragms
  5. Rubber to Metal
  6. Quality Control
  7. Coastcraft Laboratory Facility

We can mold fabric reinforced diaphragms with an effective area up to 18 inches in diameter and a stroke of up to four inches, from all popular elastomers and fabrics. We can mold any shape to close tolerances in sizes up to 24 inches and heights to 18 inches.

With our grinding capability we can grind bonded seals to close tolerances and flatness. After grinding we can lap seals that will seal pressure as low as 1/2 inches of water pressure.




With our in-house mold making capability we can rapidly produce prototype part molds to better serve your product development and speed to market requirements.

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